Mwatabu S. Okantah

"A wonderful poet!" 

          --Ruby Dee

"I'm glad to see ... that some of the old spirit of our people ... is still alive in [his] poetry."

          --Gwendolyn Brooks

"Okantah leads us to the rediscovery in ourselves of a history we have always known."

          --Naomi Long Madgett

"... Okantah explores what it means to be a black poet during hard times.  The brother writes like the elder he is.  There is wisdom in his words and a love for Africa in his heart.  [His] poems cry like the birds we once heard in Eric Dolphy's horn.  They are black and true."

         --E. Ethelbert Miller

"There are too few of us left: poets who rise without fear against white storms and hurricanes.  I can count them on one hand.  Those elder African-centered poets who have not lost memory, message, creativity, nerve or productivity; yet possess a musical voice that renders them wise in the tradition of Sterling A. Brown, Margaret Walker, Claude McKay and Sarah Webster Fabio.... Okantah's latest book Muntu Kuntu Energy consists of poems driven by a deep knowledge of history and culture, with an acute insight into the damaged psychology of his people existing under extreme lock-down conditions...."

         --Haki R. Madhubuti

About the Poetry

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