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About the Poetry

Mwatabu S. Okantah

"I'm glad to see ... that some of the old spirit of our people ... is still alive in [his] poetry."

          --Gwendolyn Brooks, Poet, Selected Poems

"Okantah leads us to the rediscovery in ourselves of a history we have always known."

          --Naomi Long Madgett, Poet, Publisher, Lotus Press

"... Okantah explores what it means to be a black poet during hard times.  The brother writes like the elder he is.  There is wisdom in his words and a love for Africa in his heart.  [His] poems cry like the birds we once heard in Eric Dolphy's horn.  They are black and true."

         --E. Ethelbert Miller, Poet, Editor, Beyond The Frontier

"[Okantah] presents us with glaring truths that transcend time. [He] captures black life in timeless narratives that will leave indelible marks in our history and in our hearts."

         --Jacqueline Imani Bryant, Editor, Gwendolyn Brooks and Working Writers

"[His poetry] challenges us to close generational divides, go beneath the surface of consumer culture, overturn the contradictions of American democracy and rediscover ourselves. Finally, a poetry ... that bridges the gap between the Black Arts Movement and the hip hop explosion. Mwatabu Okantah is a clear voice, reminding us of the Black poet's responsibility to rhyme AND resist."

       --Bakari Kitwana, Author, The Hip-Hop Generation