How do you honor a poet? Buy and read his work? Have him to share it at your beachside, in the pool; at the recreation center, in the university center? Let him speak to the elementary and high school bloods.

    OKANTAH, Deep Dark Mystic of the Knights of Soul. Poetical Terror. He is Black by Demand! Chose this honored path. The high road with all the curves.... There, the mighty force of history engulfed the M. K. E. poet. Deep Dark Mystic of the Night. Soul Man. Traveling Man.

    Delicate balance between the real and surreal.  Who is this sun of Africa? Muntu Kuntu Energy Poet.... The absolute force of Muntu-Kuntu. Before there was a "Black Aesthetic," there was a Blues Aesthetic.... Energy Force.... Okantah is an integral part of our international black artistic community.... Like Public Enemy, [he] understands what it means to "Fight the Power."

      A committed teacher and artist. An artist committed to teach.  He is a truth seeker. Miles and Miles. Energy like Prince. Energy like Spike Lee.... Creator of a new space language.... Sterling Brown recognized Okantah as a Strong Man. Strong Poet....

Okantah I: The Muntu Kuntu Energy Poet.

                              --James G. Spady


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Pg. 9

"Word Sounds Have Power"

Mwatabu S. Okantah