Mwatabu S. Okantah

**Video & Photos by Vince Robinson

New Afreekan Roots Culture

MKE with Vince Robinson & Jazz Poets

Over the years, Baba Okantah has worked with a diverse group of musicians. He has joined forces with with veteran keyboard artist/poet/photographer, Vince Robinson and the Jazz Poets. This unique collaboration is giving renewed meaning to the old saying, "Word sounds have power!"

Most often compared to legendary poet/song writer Gil Scott-Heron, Okantah strives to bring maximum impact to "the word."  The music is eclectic and swings from African inspired rhythms to blues to straight ahead jazz, with some p-funk flavor seasoning a hypnotic reggae fused groove.

Baba likes to say, "Poetry and Music are my choice of weapons."

Vince Robinson, poetry & keyboards; Reggie Holmes, drums; Sam Hooper, guitar; Derrick James, bass and Baba Okantah, vocals, poetry & percussion.

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